Seven pieces of advice to a happy and healthy life.

I’m no expert, but these are just a few pieces of advice that I’ve learned over the years from the people that I love most…mainly my mom, dad, and grandma. They have taught me a lot more than seven things, but these are some of the lessons that have really stuck with me and that apply most directly to my life right now, adjusting to things here in Venezuela.

1. Allow yourself chocolate, but in moderation.

2. Always strive for optimism. A positive outlook goes a long way.

3. Never stop learning how to cook.

4. Take full advantage of the resources you have around you…especially the comfort of family and close friends.

5. Relax. Give yourself at least an hour to get ready in the morning so you can shower, cook a big breakfast, or just sip your coffee and read a book instead of taking it on the go.

6. Really pay attention to the people that surround you on a daily basis – whether it is your family members, friends, neighbors, or the girl that made your morning latte.

7. Embrace your time alone, don’t dread it. Do something that makes YOU happy.

Another goal for my trip: take my own advice.

I’m determined to keep these things in mind (I shouldn’t have trouble with allowing myself chocolate when it’s available =) ) and to really adapt and enjoy my time here as much as I possibly can.

I hope you got a little something out of these simple pieces of advice…whether it made you think, inspired you, made you laugh, or just made you smile because you realized which of the seven pieces of advice you helped to teach me.

Have a wonderful day, everyone!


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