Apartment Envy

Apartment envy…

would be an understatement.

I was up late last night searching for the perfect 1 bedroom apartment… just so someday I can turn it into this.

Source: bhg.com via Sarah on Pinterest


Source: houzz.com via Sarah on Pinterest

It might be a stretch, but who says I can't be inspired?
A girl can dream.
  1. Kathy Schwie said:

    I want an apartment like that too!

  2. wife ic said:

    You have been dreaming on Pinterest, I see. What’s the deal with all the wedding dresses? News?

  3. Mom – you can help me decorate mine! I want to go to some estate sales and antique shops this summer and I’ll need someone to shop with!

  4. Aunt Kimberly – the deal with the wedding dresses? That’s just more of me dreaming! I resisted a wedding board for a while, but then I couldn’t help myself. So, sorry, no news 🙂

  5. wife ic said:

    Don’t apologize, it’s more of a relief than a disappointment! 🙂
    Dream away, but the best wedding doesn’t have much to do with the dress 😉

    Have fun planning your apartment. We called my first apartment The Jungle (as in Where the Wilds things are) so don’t forget a suitable name for your summer pad.

    • Oooh I like the idea of naming it! The Jungle is a great one…I’ll have to keep that in mind when I’m shopping around this spring 🙂

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