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If I had ONE wish right now…it would be to have all the world’s freshest and most delicious ingredients at my fingertips for cooking.

If that were the case, I’d snap my fingers right now for some mushrooms, bell peppers, coconut milk, yellow curry, jasmine rice, tofu and jumbo shrimp…and I’d be on my way back to my apartment to cook up the perfect lunch. If only it were that easy.

Thank you, Pinterest, for inspiring me.

Scrambled tofu with peas, onions and curry.

Like Pandora for recipes…genius.

What are you craving?

Well, chocolate of course.

…and voilá!

Now…what do you have in the fridge?

Hm, some greek yogurt, perhaps?

I typed in “greek yogurt”, and this is the first recipe it came up with.

Roasted Feta with Thyme Honey? That uses greek yogurt? Yum!

I’ll definitely be using this when I get home…when I actually have my own food in the fridge, that is!

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