As of now, I am officially done with my semester in Mérida!

What a great feeling to be done with school. Almost as great as the feeling of a hot shower this morning after not having hot water for a week 🙂

After writing five final essays, two of them on topics in Latin American literature, two of them on Spanish sociolinguistics, and one of them on Latin American Politics (no to mention my final exams), I am SO ready for a break!

Goodbye, VENUSA.

Goodbye, hammock!

Hello, two sunny (and homework-free) days in Venezuela!


  1. wife ic said:

    Sounds like you drank alot of coffee and finished off your essays! Good girl! Can’t wait to hear about your adventures at Christmas. We are home the 17 to the 3 so I hope we can carve out some time together!

  2. I sure did! I can’t wait to see you over Christmas. I will have tons of time between the 17th and the 3rd, so we’ll make sure to get together and take advantage of the time you have in Minnesota! I can’t believe it, but I’ll be seeing you before I know it 🙂

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