Coffee adventure.

Good news…

I found a beautiful substitute for that pumpkin spice latte.

Café Croecea’s espresso con leche.


It’s definitely simple, but it’s still best described as the decadent version of Venezuela style café con leche. All I know is I can’t argue with real espresso, steamed milk, and cane sugar.

It has been a great start to the week already…filled with discoveries like that delicious espresso…and this creme filled, caramel covered dessert that accidentally made it’s way onto my plate…

Another one of my discoveries is this book that I stumbled upon while on my

weekend get-away at the mountain hot springs:

Ishmael by Daniel Quinn.

I was telling a friend of mine how I forgot to bring my own novel along for the weekend, and she responded by telling me that she had just finished Ishmael and that I had to read it. I had never heard of it, but when a few of my other group members saw it in my hand, they made a point of telling me what a great choice it was.

They were right to recommend it; I’ve barely been able to put it down since I started reading by the pool on Saturday afternoon.

Ishmael is different than any other book I’ve read, and quite honestly, I wasn’t sure if I’d be interested in it at first. The book attempts to piece together the human story while simultaneously provoking the reader to think differently about the way we interact with the word and our environment. It is incredibly well written, eye (and mind) opening, and a refreshing way to think about our role as human beings in such a big world.

In short, I highly recommend it to everyone reading this.


A note to family and friends: I typed the majority of this post in a word document yesterday because the Internet at our house has decided to act up more than normal. If we plan a time to Skype and I stand you up at the time of our Skype date, it’s definitely not because I forgot about you! It’s because my Internet connection is lying to me and saying it detected five bars, when it actually isn’t working anywhere in the city of Mérida. You can probably sense my frustration (it’s actually lessened now by the fact that I’m a week ahead on my school reading J), but anyways, thank you for being patient and understanding of my situation as I deal with the unreliable Internet access.

Soon to come: photos of the beautiful “aguas termales” and a much overdue voice recording!

  1. wife ic said:

    Hope you enjoy Ishmael. This was my favorite book for a long time. Just loved the idea that maybe this is not the last phase of human evolution.

    Good to see you are enjoying yourself!

  2. Hi Aunt Kimberly! I absolutely love the book, I can see why it was one of your favorites! And, yes I’m enjoying every minute here. How are things with you? Missing you and Sigmund!

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