These are a few of my favorite things.

(And here’s why.)

Puppy – comfortable, snuggly and familiar.

He helps me remember that home isn’t really so far away, even when the mountains outside my window make me feel like it is.

Travel mug – energy and morning routine.

It allows me to bring cafe con leche or green tea to school with me on those much-too-early mornings.

Grey’s Anatomy – escape, roommate date.

It’s becoming routine for my roommate Jenni and I to come home after a busy day, eat dinner, shower, and watch a much anticipated episode of Grey’s before bed. Not to mention that it provides an escape from the Spanish-speaking world for awhile.

Julie and Julia – uplifting, food, cooking, family.

This book reminds me of my family. It lets me sink into my bed with my pajamas and glasses on, no matter what time of day, and read about cooking French food. And even better, it always makes me laugh.

…and for those of you wondering why chocolate wasn’t on the list, it’s because I didn’t have any left to add to the photograph =)

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