As of today, this blog will also be used for me to share my random little thoughts, ideas about life, and maybe my spontaneous insight into the reality or essential meaning of things that I encounter in my daily life…epiphanies, or other words of wisdom that I pick up along the way.

Today I discovered the beautiful thing about words. Have you ever tried to dream up a color that doesn’t exist? Or a color that exists but just doesn’t have a name yet? And you can’t? Well when you have a feeling, and you can’t fit it inside one of those generic feeling categories- happy, sad, angry, surprised, excited, confused…well you can describe it with a whole bunch of words and make a sentence that embodies exactly what you’re feeling. Sometimes when you’re happier than you’ve ever been before, one word just can’t describe it. Not thrilled, or joyous, or ecstatic, or anything. So you have to write a sentence like this.

“My core was bursting with the kind of happiness and excitement that made me think the butterflies were going to flutter up from my stomach and spill right out of my ears.”

That’s different from being ecstatic.

It’s kind of like art. It’s creating an image in your mind, and other people’s minds, and a feeling in their hearts that they may never have felt before, or that they have felt, but were unable to put in words.

For one reason or another I felt compelled to share that random little thought with you. Maybe it’s because no one had ever said it before…

at least in those exact words.


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