A great day for chocolate.

So far, this blog has been used to relate my adventures in foreign countries to my dedicated family and friends at home. It will continue to serve that purpose (I’m leaving for Venezuela for a 3-month journey on Sunday morning), but I’ve also decided to use it for something else.

I think that blogs should be about sharing what you love and should also function as a creative outlet. So, let’s start with something that I love:

Food. Chocolate to be specific. And another thing I love is scoping out the local Minneapolis/St. Paul restaurant scene. I really enjoy coffee shops, cafés, and bakeries, so when Patisserie 46 moved into the abandoned brick building on the corner of 46th and Grand, just down the street from the park I played at as a kid, I had to try it out. I did, and to put it simply, it opened my eyes to how much one really can love chocolate.

Isn’t it beautiful? This decadent dessert is called the “Rory” (named after the owners’ adorable son that I’ve had the privilege to babysit several times throughout the summer). It has a creamy chocolate mousse and rich hazelnut center and then is drenched in dark chocolate. The amazing part? It tastes even better than it looks (if that’s possible). I highly recommend that you try one for yourself…or if you really want to start a delicious addiction, try the ham and gruyère croissant for breakfast. And don’t forget the coffee (for all you chocolate lovers out there, the mochas are incredible).

For photos and more information, here is the Patisserie 46 website:


And while you’re at it, check out this slide show for a taste of the bakery’s delightful ambiance (while I head over to Patisserie for a taste of their phenomenal ham and gruyère croissant):


For now, Au Revoir and happy eating!

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