July 24th.

Today I was thinking a lot about what it is like to live in Uganda compared to what it is like in the US. It seemed funny what the biggest changes and hardest adjustments were for me…here are some examples.

Things that are especially different here:

1) I brush my teeth with bottled water.

2) The only coffee that people drink is instant coffee – which is surprisingly good.

3) All of the girls greet you with a handshake and curtsy.

4) I shower in cold water with a bucket of HOT (just short of boiling) water at my feet for a bucket bath.

5) People take pills to gain weight.

6) Every bed is covered by a mosquito net.

7) The bugs are twice the size as they are in the US.

8 ) “Bathroom” does not mean toilet, it means a place to “wash” and “toilet” does not mean toilet, it means a hole in the ground.

9) The soap operas are much worse…yes that’s possible.

Things that are the same here:

1) They listen to American music – some bad rap, a lot of Rihanna, and the occasional Shania Twain.

I’m sure there are more similarities, but the differences are more interesting. I know that I’ve even noticed things about me that are different since coming to Uganda…

1) I REALLY enjoy my time alone.

2) I anunciate every single sound when I speak.

3) I worship Purell and sanitizing towels (yes, mom, you were right).

4) I am no longer just a white person, I’m a “muno” or “muzungo”.

5) I have gotten used to strangers touching my hair.

6) I am valued at about 10 cows and 15 goats (the children told me that when we were talking about dowries). I’ll take that as a compliment?

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